Starbucks Card Website

The Case

Starbucks Card is a prepaid card exclusively offered by Starbucks to their precious guests.

You earn one star at every purchase – at minimum amount Starbucks has determined - you will do with your Starbucks Card and when the number reaches 15 stars, you get one tall bay drink as our gratuitous treat at the Starbucks stores.

The Starbucks Card website is for registering and joining to a Starbucks Card to take the advantages of campaigns that we will be available for Starbucks Cardholders.

The Needs

A website to land and convert the customer in order to register for a brand new Starbucks Card.

A website to land the customer to download Starbucks Card Mobile Application to their smartphones.

To make people use their Starbucks Card more often.

To make the Starbucks Cardholders load money to their Starbucks Cards and use it at Starbucks Stores.

The Challenge

Making people register their Starbucks Cards to the system.
Making people use the Money Load system launched on the website.
Different types of personas and their attitudes towards such loyalty programs.

The Solution

The whole process and the needs of the personas were defined.

User tests and user cards were structured and developed.

Starbucks Card registration process was made easier and faster.

Videos and motion graphics were used to enhance the brand identity.

A simple and fresh design was built to get the best user experience.