User Motivated Agency

UX Research / User Tests

UX (User Experience Research) is mainly understanding the behaviors and the needs of the user and therefore involving the user attitudes during the product development process.

Be it a website, mobile app, device interface or any other digital screen; you need to investigate the users and their requirements in order to make them love, respect and recommend your end-product.


By intervieving and inquiring the users, by creating personas and user cards and by making usability tests just before the UX Design; we focus on the USER and evaluate the data accordingly.

Taking the user as our minor motivation; we work hard to create the best impression when it comes to the product interaction.

In conjunction with taking the user behavior at the center, our research method covers further vital prospects.

By analysing the similar works (competitor analysis), diversified projects with greatest designs and the latest trends; we uncover the problems, the goals and motivations of the customer and get an objective system focusing not on any assumptions and experiences of the producers but on solely the user itself.

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User Experience Audit Report – UX Auditing

Our research studies includes the analysis of your existing project in order to identify the usability and findability problems, inefficiencies and the bottlenecks that interfere in the customers journey and stop the conversion process.

By determining the most crucial business goals of your website, mobile app or any digital user interfaces and analysing the weakest and the strongest points; we create action plans, we redesign the goal path and make improvements for a better usability.

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UX Writing / Information Architecture

Everything you write on a piece of a software, a website or a mobile application has an enormous impact on the user experience.

It is the way of interacting with your audience and when the user loves your language and style, they keep on using your product.


If the product and the Design is the body, the content is its main language in order to communicate.

For us, UX Writing comes before the UX Design and it is for building up the editorial and the content strategy to create a greater experience.

It is a concentrated language, the language for the Design to be more effective.

By UX Writing we find and create the shortcuts, connect the relevant content and define the Information Architecture for the UX Designer to precisely kickoff the best product.

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UX Design

With UX Design we create an entire journey and provide an efficient and easy-to-use interfaces by keeping the user at the center of the design and development process.

We therefore, create a multidisiplinary system for a better user experience by combining accessibility, interaction, psychology, space and time.

We deliver User Experience Design for

Mobile Websites
Mobile Applications
Internet Banking
Intranet Design
Hardware Interface Design
Digital Screens

By following up the latest Design trends, by faciliating from our UX Research and UX Writing Teams’hard work; we create the perfect user experience by defining all the functions and the usability process.

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What are the needs of the user and what behaviours they have in terms of those necessities
Why they need this product in their life
How they need this product to take part in their life

Are the main questions we ask and therefore create a unique and satisfactory user experience design thanks to our user-oriented approaches.

User Interface Design
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User Interface Design is a complementary process of the User Experience design; which defines the look and feel (the cosmetics) of the product.

It creates the interaction and the presentation of the work and makes the product more attractive.


By first writing the elements of the product on UX Writing process we define the skeleton/structure of the project, by starting the user experience design stage we build the functions and usability, and by the User Interface Design we make it look beautiful, aesthetic and get an interactive composition.

We make the user navigate the interface through the combined elements across all types of platforms and screens and give the smoothest directions to lead the user for a better experience.

Digital Brand Identity
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We connect you with your customers and target audience, create a value to your brand in order to seize the involvement of your end user.


By building up your digital brand identity, we create the way you communicate through content, colors, design and interaction.

The portrait of the product is drawn and the personality of the brand is constructed.

By making a deep research, defining the brand strategy, getting to know the target audience and building up a visual identity we create a design guideline for you to maintain your digital assets and create your brand’s outer voice.

Digital Content Production
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We believe content is a great brand identifier for it shapes the whole body of your product or service.

Your style, your presence and your language becomes your brand declaration and we generate an awareness through our content strategies tailored to your own KPIs.


In order to deliver distinct results and add value to your branding, we create Digital Content for your social media, blog, web or mobile sites, mobile applications and other digital communication platforms.

In order to achieve brand loyalty, increase your online traffic, have an engaged social media accounts; we create the best content strategy to suit your brand’s existence.