The Case

ÜMSA Yatırım is an almost a century year-old investor company which is managed by three generations since mid 50’s.

Listed in the Fortune 500 companies since 2016, ÜMSA Yatırım operates on tobacco, tourism and construction industries expanding their capital by gaining experience in various sectors with national and international partners worldwide.

ÜMSA Yatırım is an innovative and a futuristic company which needed a new website design in order to match this innovative and the futuristic side of their corporate culture.

And we started from the beginnig.

We developed the Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines and Digital Brand Characteristics and therefore built the Content Guidelines and the Web Content, we made photo shootings, video production, we built a responsive website and we started managing their social media accounts.

The Needs

A Brand Guideline

Website Content

Responsive Website

Social Media Management

Photo Shoots and Video Production

Enhancing their corporate identity

Underlining their industry expansion

Enhancing their reletionship with their partners, suppliers and employees

Having a trendy and futuristic design

The Solution

We started by making brand identity research

We made online brainstorming sessions for brand identity development

We made the client find and define their corporate culture

We built a brand identity to use on the website and on social media

Our aim was to unite the past, the present and the future on one website because of the client’s being a three generations company with an innovative point of view

By keeping the user at the center we wanted them to experience an energetic and a catchy website. Thus, we added minimalistic animations through the website.

With gently animated graphics, we wanted all the personas to understand ÜMSA and its fields of activity at a glance.

We used the homepage as a summary of ÜMSA’s most valued content.

By blending creativity with the trends, market research and our brand identity guidelines; we aimed the best user experience for the project.

With a responsive design, we created different presentations for different screen sizes in order to get the best UX.

Covering branding, design, usability and function; we created decent graphic designs and gratifying involvement of the user throughout the whole website journey.

Further Analysis

Different types of personas are going to be analysed using website traffic tools in order to make the last fine tunings of the user experience design.

The new brand identity is going to be emphasized through social media channels.