Metal Yapı Project Monitoring & Reporting Tool

The Case

Metal Yapı is one of the world’s leading facade specialists, providing high quality architectural envelopes with wide product range.

Metal Yapı’s system design experience spans 50 years, with its visionary founder establishing the business in the late nineteen sixties in Turkey.

Responding to the architectural trend for light glass and steel structures, and the Client’s demand for single source responsibility both for the structure and the facade, Metal Yapı founded Metal Yapı Engineering & Construction, specializing in architectural steel works, and Metal Yapı INOX, providing all type of architectural stainless steel works, partnering with the leading clients in these sectors.

The Needs

An online monitoring tool in order to follow up the latest updates about the ongoing projects throughout the world.

Tracking the test reports of the constructions uploaded by the architects, engineers and/or project managers.

Documentation follow up.

Tracking and analyzing the project stages and reporting.

Field analysis and reporting.

The Challenge

Variety of users from all over the world and variety of projects
Its’ being used by top managers of the client and its’ being mandatory to serve as a time-saver.

The Solution

The needs of the top management team in order to monitor the ongoing projects worldwide were strictly verified anddiagnosed.

The content of the Project Monitoring& Reporting Tool was classified to get an easy-to-use navigation.

The best Information Architecture and User Experience Design output was aspired for an accessible acquaintance.

The essentials of the field managers were defined in order for them to compose their documentations, analysis and reports quickly and smoothly.

An easy-to-use, a trendsetter and a clear navigation was built for the best user experience.

Editor tracking, change tracking architecture was built for a close follow up

A search tool was organized in order for the user easily find the project and get the reports rapidly.

Further Analysis

The monthly feedback of the field managers and the top management team was taken and minor changes and small bug fixes were built at each quarters for the perfect results.